Being Present

I feel like God is trying to get a message across to me, in fact I know He is.  So often I get caught up in thinking too much about the past and what I get accomplished and worrying about the future and all that I still need to do that I sort of just float through the present somewhere between the two.  Yesterday I read Gail Hyatt’s blog about this very subject and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Her blog is great and encourages you to “look at your feet” when you feel this way to remind you where you are and that you can only make a difference right where you are at this very moment.   It is about working within the moments we are given and not to look back or worry about the unknown, just do the best with the very moment you are in.

Then, last night we received our new issue of Relevant Magazine and I was reading an article entitled “I Just Wish I Knew God’s Will”.  It is a good article that talks about how we need to obey and follow God’s lead which most of the time includes action, not just sitting around waiting on God.  He is usually waiting on us.  🙂  One particular quote in the article stood out to me. It said “God cares more about our response to His Spirit’s leading today in this moment than about what we intend to do next year.”  I love that!  In other words…obey what God is leading you to do RIGHT NOW, not what you “think” he wants you to do in the future.

Be present, be available, and be willing to hear and obey God in this very moment.  Today. Right now.  This very moment.  If you forget, just “look at your feet”.

Owl City

We love this song by Owl City.  My step-son is even learning to play it on the keyboard and he has taught my daughter some of it.  They are good!  It is very uplifting and fun.  I’m sure you have heard it, but if you haven’t please watch the video below.   If nothing else it might put you in a better mood.

The singer and musician behind Owl City is Adam Young and he is a Christian.  He wrote a lot of his songs during nights of insomnia in his parents basement and most of the songs, if not all, are done on his computer.  Click HERE to read an interview with Adam that was in the last issue of Relevant Magazine.