8 Years Ago

Can you believe it’s been 8 years ago that 911 occurred?  We will all remember where we were when we heard the news.  It was unbelievable, uncomprehensible….how could this be? 

At the time, I was not a Christian, I had not accepted Christ as my Savior.  I now have such a different view of tragic events.  I have hope and peace and faith that God will always turn evil into good somehow.  So many lives were changed that day, but those that were Christians still had hope and they had God to comfort them.  Some may have turned to God for the first time during the events of 911.  In that, there is hope.  

I look back at how sad I was watching all the news coverage.  I had just moved back to San Antonio and did not have a job yet, so I just sat in front of my TV sobbing.  I did not have hope, nor did I have peace at the time.  I had no place to find comfort, so to me, it was devastating. 

I am so thankful that God pursued me, so that I can now pursue Him everyday, and find the hope, peace, love and faith I need to get through each day. 

I prayed for all of those affected by 911.  I prayed that they would be comforted by God, and that they do have faith in him.