For I Know The Plans

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ”  Jeremiah 29:11

This is one of my favorite verses, it’s so comforting and reassuring.  God cares enough about me to have plans for my life, and He actually thinks that what I do can be important….for His kingdom.  Those thoughts alone could get me through each day. 

Today during my quiet time God spoke this verse to me through the Holy Spirit.   At the end of my prayer to Him I sat quiet.  Which is what I always do.  I wait, very quietly to hear what He has to tell me.  And after I prayed for my job and for Brian’s job and what God has in store for us, all I heard was this verse and it gave me hope for sure.

It strengthens my trust in Him, when I’m reminded all I have to do is trust Him. 

God has put on my heart a few to-do’s for Him.  At least as of now, I believe this is where He is leading me.  I’m working on them and as it unfolds I will know for sure if I’m headed in the right direction.  For now, He just wants me to respond and obey to where I feel led and that’s what I plan to do. 

I’ll explain more later, when it’s time.  For now, I need to get busy with the “plans” God has for me.



God’s grace is amazing.   Period.   I am sure, like me, this conjures up thoughts of the song ” Amazing Grace”  and what a beautiful song it is.  The lyrics explain the feelings that go along with Grace perfectly.

“I was once lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.”

“How precious did that Grace appear the first hour I believed”

This is my favorite line ” T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear.  And Grace, my fears relieved.” 

I, of course, had heard this song many times before I became a Christian.  And honestly it meant nothing to me then.  Absolutely nothing.  It was just a song I had sung a few times on a rare occasion when I attended church or at a funeral.  That was it.  It was just a hymn.

After I became a Christian and I heard this song , I was blown away.  How could  I have missed what this song was saying?  Scales.  I clearly had scales over my eyes and apparently my ears too.  How could this song have been written back in 1725 and feel like the words were coming straight from my heart? 

Grace gives us that which we do not deserve.  Forgiveness, redemption and acceptance.

It’s God’s Grace that continues to amaze me on a daily basis.  I do not deserve this life He has given me, and I definitely do not deserve his forgiveness, redemption or acceptance.  Yet, He chose to offer them to me if I should choose to accept.  At the age of 34 I did accept His offer, and my life will never, ever, be the same.  Thank you Lord!


I take really hot showers.  I just like the water really hot. I notice my back is red sometimes when I get out of the shower because the water was so hot during my shower.   But that’s how I like it.  I think if you are going to take a shower, it should be HOT water.  It’s relaxing to me and it just feels right.  Lukewarm is irritating to me.  I hate how it feels.  I would rather just not take a shower then have the water be lukewarm.

This is how Jesus feels about some of us.  It’s irritating to him when we are lukewarm Christians. Which means we do a few things here and there that do obey God, but we aren’t ALL IN.  We are just lukewarm. We aren’t on FIRE with passion for Christ and wanting to live every single day with Him and for Him. 

Jesus actually says if we are lukewarm Christians, he wants to “spit us out of his mouth”.  Yikes.  That makes me cringe and it stirs some pretty strong convictions inside of me. 

A lot of times we cling to things that are not of God, that are not glorifying God in some way.  We cling to what is comfortable and safe and “feels good”.  That is when we are lukewarm about our faith. 

When we want God to fit into our lives, we are lukewarm. 

When we let God run our lives, and trust him completely with every single thing, we are All In.  When we are willing to get very uncomfortable on a constant basis ,then we are All In.    We are hot and that is where God wants us.  Not because He needs us, but because THAT is where we will find all the joy God has in store for us.  Having lukewarm faith will get you lukewarm results.

I need to turn up the heat and keep it there.