Reducing Paper Clutter and Staying Organized with Technology

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for ways to reduce the clutter in your life and save yourself time and money.  Those are 3 of my goals on a continual basis.  I love finding ways to solve all three of those goals at once.

I’ve recently been researching ways to reduce the amount of paper that comes through and stays in our house.  If you are not careful you can sometimes be overcome with paper!  I am also always looking for ways to simplify my life and keep everything organized.

Here are a few websites to help with paper clutter and staying organized:

Springpad  – This is a new website that offers a free place to keep track of all of your “stuff” in one place.  Task lists, shopping list, meal planning, favorite recipes, books, etc. 

Qipit – This is an app for your iPhone that allows you to take pictures of anything handwritten.  They will then send you a pdf file that you can keep on your computer and then throw away the paper.  This is basically an iPhone alternative to a scanner.  This is pretty cool.  So if you wrote down a recipe or directions, or even some to-do’s…..just take a picture with you phone and you will instantly have it saved as a document.  (I really want an iPhone now)

Manuals Mania  or TheUserManualSite  –   These sites have all sorts of manuals on-line.  You could essentially throw away all of those bulky manuals and just use one of these sites as needed.  You may want to check the sites first to make sure they have your make and model before recycling your paper manuals.  I did some searches and they had every single one I searched for.  Another great way to get rid of paper overload!

Wesabe and Mint – Both of these cool sites are for managing your money and they are both free!   You can add all of your accounts and they will give you updated balances all in one place.  You can also track your spending and more.   Both of these apps are available on your iPhone or other mobile device so you can check your balances from anywhere.  I have Quicken, but of course I cannot check that from my phone…so these are very handy sites.

Know Your Stuff – This site helps you keep track of all of your belongings in one place for insurance purposes.  It’s a great site for safely storing your home inventory list.

I hope you find some of these helpful.  I’ll keep searching for more sites and tools that make my life easier.  I’ll let you know what I find.

Good Music and Cool Websites

Today I want to pass along some good inspirational music, and a few cool sites I have recently stumbled upon.

Two songs that I really like right now:

“Becoming Who You Are” by Mainstay.  This is a great song with an important message.

I love this song. It’s beautiful and also has a great message:


God’s Daytimer:  This site has daily Bible verses and Bible studies along with other good infromation.  It’s a good site to stop by and check out each day.

Debt Free Adventure:  This site is a Bible-based personal finance think tank.  You can find some great tips for saving money on this site.

Bible Money Matters:  Another great Biblically based financial website with a lot of great information.

Christian Career Tools:  Pretty self explanatory.  It’s a good Biblically based Christian advice site.

Stereo Truth:  This site has good  information on Christian music and news.

Aardvark:  My husband showed me this site.  You can ask any question you need answered and someone will answer it for you.  For instance if you are looking for a good hotel in a certain area you can put in that question and someone in that area, or someone who knows will answer you.  You can also join and put in your information and they will send you questions you may be able to answer for your area. Pretty cool.