The 100 Thing Challenge

You may remember that I wrote about the “100 Thing Challenge” back in Sept. of 2009.  That was really the beginning of my desire to start living with less.  Well, I just finished reading Dave Bruno’s  book about his 100 Thing Challenge and how it all came about.  In this book he writes about how his life was before the challenge and what led him to create this challenge.

Dave then goes on to describe the process of going through his personal things and making decisions on what to sell or give away.  He talks about his emotional ties to his train set and how he had been hanging on to those trains because of some disappointments from his childhood.  I love how he points out how many of us, himself included, go and buy stuff as an attempt to fix an emotional problem.   That is what shopping does for many people.  It tricks them into feeling like they are solving problems, but really they are only creating more.  

He purged the trains.  He says that letting go of those trains “was inspirational and cathartic.”  I have a part-time organizing business and I would love for a lot of my clients to read Dave’s book.  I wish everyone could experience what it feels like to let things go.  It’s not as scary as many believe.

As I read the book, I felt as if I were sitting down across from Dave and he was telling me the story about his life over the past few years.  His writing is so easy to read and keeps you engaged.  He writes from his heart and lets you into his thoughts and feelings.  He’s transparent, which I love.   He’s real and you can relate to him.  You really get to know Dave and experience the challenge with him through his words. 

I’m inspired by Dave and his story.  I have begun my own 100 Thing Challenge and continue to work on it.  I’m close, but need to continue to pare a few things down quite a bit.  I think it’s a great idea, brilliant really.  Living with less helps us to see what is really important and how much “stuff” we can live without.

I applaud Dave for creating this challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed reading his book and learning  more about the person behind the challenge.



I apologize for not much blogging this week.  It has been a busy week, but I’m back!   I wanted to post some updates to two of my previous posts.

Cleansing  – The cleanse went great and I felt so good, however I was starting to feel a bit weak.  We started back on fruits and vegetables after the 5th day, and now we are continuing to eat healthy.  We are eating organic food as much as possible, as many fruits and vegetables as we can.  Not much, if any, meat and no caffeine or sugar.   I feel so good and my skin is softer than it has been in longer than I can even remember.  My clothes are looser and my stomach is definitely flatter.  We have not been exercising much yet, but I plan to work on that this weekend and next week.  I know that will make me feel even better!

100 Thing Challenge – I’m still working on my 100 thing challenge, I am not down to 100 yet, but I did give myself until January 1st to do this.  I have paired down my clothes and jewelry quite a bit, but I still have a little ways to go.  I notice there are still things that I do not really wear.  I do however miss one or two things I gave away.  Oh well, overall I’m happy with how my closet looks and feels.  I think this challenge is a teeny bit harder for a female given we have to include a little bit more accessories, etc.   But I’m still going to do my very best and I think I can do it.

I love the New Year, it is such a great time for fresh starts and I feel as if I have a jump-start on 2010.  I just need to stay on track!

100 Thing Challenge

Some of you have already read about this 100 Thing Challenge.  If you haven’t, it was created by a man named David Michael Bruno.  He has written books on Consumerism and has a blog at   He will also be writing a book about his experience with the 100 Thing Challenge.

Basically, the 100 Thing Challenge is a challenge that Mr. Bruno proposed to pare down your personal items to only 100 things.  He gave his challenge a time period of one year.  It started last November and ends this November.  If you go to his blog and his post about this challenge,  you can see the list of things he has now, and all of the things he gave away. 

This challenge only applies to your personal items.  Items that only you use.  So, it doesn’t include furniture in the house, or garden tools, etc.  Anything that the whole family uses does not count.  Underwear and socks, can be counted as one category each…you don’t want to have to count out each pair because obviously we don’t want to have to get down to minimal undergarments.  Also, books are counted as one category as well: library.

I have begun my own 100 Thing Challenge, but I’m not there yet.  I think I may give myself a deadline of  January 1, 2010.  I will try to pare down all of my personal items to 100 things by January 2010 and try to keep it that way for one year.  I’m getting there, I’ve cleaned out my closet a ton.  I almost have it down to only those things I wear, love and feel good in.

I really find this type of stuff interesting.  It really makes you realize how much “stuff” is out there and how so many stores are packed with things we don’t need. 

I was in Target yesterday, and as I’m walking through the aisles I could feel my old self thinking…wow, that’s cool….I could use that.  But then I stopped myself and thought…no, I don’t need any of it.  I came for one item, and they didn’t have it…so I left  empty handed.  If you knew me well, you would know that it is extremely hard for me to leave Target without purchasing at least one thing.  I love that store….well, I loved that store.  I feel very convicted to challenge myself in this area.  To open my eyes to consumerism and how it’s a store’s job and a commercial’s job to make me think I NEED something…when I truly don’t.  There are few things I need, and I have all of them. 

I will keep you updated on my progress…