REV90 Challenge Update

The REV90 Challenge is going really well so far!  My husband and I are both up to date on the daily Bible reading through the New Testament.  We just started John this morning.  I joined a Bible study on Thursday mornings to discuss what we are reading dailyand it is a great group of women.

We’ve also been working on what we eat and drink.  I’m trying not to eat many empty carbs during the week, but I can splurge on the weekends.  I started this last week and it worked out pretty good, I’m going to keep going as long as I can.  I am also thinking about joining a running group to train for a 5K which will be March 27th.  I have not committed to that yet, but I’m seriously thinking about it.  I went to an informational meeting last week.

We have gotten our finances very organized and we have a plan for paying off debt and saving this year.  We’ve really cut down on ALL of our expenses and we are also planning to continue to tithe 10% even though we have debt. 

We’ve invited a few people to church (we are to invite at least 2 people each month), but will continue to invite more.  I began serving in our church bookstore yesterday and really enjoyed it.  I’ve also been serving more at Rainey’s school. 

I think we are on the right track and if nothing else, this challenge is going to make us more aware of our good and bad habits!


I apologize for not much blogging this week.  It has been a busy week, but I’m back!   I wanted to post some updates to two of my previous posts.

Cleansing  – The cleanse went great and I felt so good, however I was starting to feel a bit weak.  We started back on fruits and vegetables after the 5th day, and now we are continuing to eat healthy.  We are eating organic food as much as possible, as many fruits and vegetables as we can.  Not much, if any, meat and no caffeine or sugar.   I feel so good and my skin is softer than it has been in longer than I can even remember.  My clothes are looser and my stomach is definitely flatter.  We have not been exercising much yet, but I plan to work on that this weekend and next week.  I know that will make me feel even better!

100 Thing Challenge – I’m still working on my 100 thing challenge, I am not down to 100 yet, but I did give myself until January 1st to do this.  I have paired down my clothes and jewelry quite a bit, but I still have a little ways to go.  I notice there are still things that I do not really wear.  I do however miss one or two things I gave away.  Oh well, overall I’m happy with how my closet looks and feels.  I think this challenge is a teeny bit harder for a female given we have to include a little bit more accessories, etc.   But I’m still going to do my very best and I think I can do it.

I love the New Year, it is such a great time for fresh starts and I feel as if I have a jump-start on 2010.  I just need to stay on track!