I’m actually going through two Bible Studies right now.  This week’s chapter in each study was on Fear.  I think God is trying to tell me something.  In fact, I know He is trying to tell me something.  While working through Fear, I came across this awesome video by Francis Chan.  I’ve seen it many times, and you probably have too.  But it’s SO good and so inspiring.  Please watch it again.  I do NOT want to cling to the balance beam my whole life.   I want to actually use the skills that God gave me,  and dismount with confidence when it’s time for judgement.  How about you?

The Effects of Fear

Reading the book “Fearless” by Max Lucado really made me stop and think about how much fear affects me, everyday. It affects all of us. Even when we don’t even realize it. Fear is sneaky and persistent. Just when you think you are making the right decision, you realize fear is right there in the midst of the decision making process. You realize it just took over the whole process and made the decision for you.

One thing I do on occasion, is ask myself….if I had no fear at all, what decision would I make? I can almost say that all of my decisions are swayed by fear. And the Bible tells us “do not fear” more than any other command. Do you think it could possibly be because God really knows us? He knows we need to be reminded…oh, about every other minute….to not let fear get in our way. He never intended for us to feel fear or to be held back by fear.

If Jesus commanded us to not be fearful, why can’t we listen? Why is it so prevalent in our lives? Maybe because we let it?

I want to propose a challenge to you, and I will be doing it with you. For one week, stop and think about every decision you are making and ask yourself if you would come to a different conclusion if you took fear out of the equation. If you would, then do it. Make the decision you would make without fear. Isn’t that what Jesus commanded us to do anyway? I don’t know about you, but I’m going to choose to listen to Jesus. Even with all of the things he faced, he did not let fear stop him in any way. Now, you could say that it was easier for him because he knew heaven already and he knew God’s abilities and his ultimate love for us. Well, isn’t that an inspiration to us? If he knew those things first hand, and wasn’t fearful…why should we be?

Look back over your life the past 10 years and I bet y0u could come up with at least 5 big decisions that were based on fear, and at least 2-3 of them held you back from something you love. Let’s stop that cycle….God never intended for us to hold ourselves back!

Start today and stop and ponder your decisions….take a look at what role fear is playing. Tell fear to take a hike and see what happens

I once had a mentor that told me to do something that scared me, everyday! What a thought. That will be our next goal…but for now, try your hardest to take fear out of your decision making. Don’t invite it to the meeting….only invite hope, peace, faith and trust!