For Such A Time As This

I’ve been a Christian now since 2005 and ever since God and I started getting to know each other, He has been putting on my heart that His plan for me is to work with young women.  For many of those years I just felt this on my heart,  and had no clue how it was going to happen or what it would look like.  Basically I had no idea where to begin.

Well, as always, God knew what He was doing all along.  He has literally been preparing me for “such a time as this” for really my entire life.   And the past few years He has been preparing my heart.   Last night began this journey for me.  The one God has been preparing me for.  I sat among 600+ college freshman at UT at a Young Life Club meeting late last night in a huge lecture room on UT’s campus.   It was incredible.  That’s all I can say.

I looked around the room and thought…wow!  All of these 18-year-old kids have their entire futures in front of them.  If only they could fully understand how much Jesus loves them and what they can do for Him if they just give their lives to Him now.  Not wait until they are 34 to do so, like I did. 

However, as I looked around the room and thought that, I knew exactly why God had chosen me to do this.  Because I can share with them the reasons God asks us to obey Him.  I can give them real and painful examples of what happens when we don’t.  I can also share with them what Grace really means and what it looks like.   I knew in those moments last night that I was there for a very specific reason and God planned it a long time ago.  And now it was so much clearer to me.

At church yesterday, Matt Carter said exactly that.   That we are here and live where we live because God planned it to be that way.  There is no other reason.  It is not an accident, it was planned.

Let me illustrate that a little bit.  Brian and I made some decisions last year that were made for a few particular reasons (or so we thought), but now I can see God orchestrating it all the entire time.  We sold our house and planned to move to Central Austin, the we got involved with a new church in Central Austin.  In doing so, I met someone who led  me to  College Young Life and the person in charge of the girl’s small groups (after a year of going to this new church).  Then my church merges with the largest college age church body in our city at the very same time I’m about to begin this journey.  

So, let me go over that again.   I now literally live 4 minutes from the UT campus,  my church has now merged  (as of 2 weeks ago) with the church that has the highest # of UT students, and I am now (as of two days ago) going to be a small group leader for College Young Life.    Happenstance?  I think not.  I know not.  God had this all in his back pocket way before he even put one teeny notion of working with young women on my heart. 

Today I will receive my list of girls.  The young women that will be in my small group.   I will have the opportunity to meet these girls next week and then love on them , guide them, share the love of Jesus with them, and be there for them for the next 4 years of their lives.  I cannot wait. 

God knows what He is doing.  Trust Him every step of the way. 

He will prepare you and when the time comes, you will also think to yourself that you are where you are  “for such a time as this”.  Just like Esther.

When God puts something on your heart, it’s not your job to think of the ways to get there.  Just listen and obey.  Do the next thing.  He won’t give you the destination, He’ll only give you the next leg of the trip.  Follow Him.

Powerful Question

This morning on Facebook one of my friends posted this question and it blew me away:

“What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?”

Wow, that’s all I could think after I read it.  Wow.  Then I racked my brain to think about what I thanked God for the previous day.  I usually pray “thank you for everything that you give me”, but I couldn’t remember for sure if I prayed that and it’s really to vague anyway.  I know I thanked Him for the food I ate at mealtime prayers and I thanked Him for the women in my Bible Study before we met last night, but I think that was it .  I love those women and I need to eat, but I was crushed that I might not have thanked God for the most precious things in my life.  My husband and children.  Sometimes I just feel like God knows that I am grateful for them.  But this question really hit home.

I used to thank Him every night for Jesus dying on the cross, but somehow I stopped that.  That is the # 1 gift I am thankful for, how I could I stop thanking Him?  Everyday is a reminder that again, He has forgiven me when I don’t deserve it.

I need to be thanking God daily for all those things that I never ever want to take for granted.  My loved ones and all the blessings He has given me.  This question was so good to read this morning.  I will make sure I start thanking God daily for EVERYTHING I am grateful for.

I have a “Gratitude Journal” by my bedside, I need to go back to writing in it every night.  It’s such a great feeling to go to bed thankful for all that you have, instead of depressed about all you don’t have.  And if one day we did wake up with only those things we thanked God for the day before, you’ll be in good shape!