Fear of Change

This morning I was reading in Matthew.  Specifically, I was reading Matthew 11: 2-19.  What stood out to me this time when I read this passage was how Jesus pointed out that sinners would criticize John when he was living for God better than anyone else.  Isn’t that just like us to judge and criticize others when what we really need to do is take a long hard look at ourselves!

The sinners did not want to change their lives so they justified what they were doing and then criticized John, and eventually Jesus. 

It’s sad.   And what is even sadder, is that it’s still so prevalent today.  How many times have you justified or excused something you’ve done knowing that it wasn’t glorifying God.  Sometimes we hold onto to that one sin we struggle with….afraid to let it go…..afraid to find out what it would really be like to live without it.   To me, that is a sign of not fully trusting God.  It means our heart is focused more on ourselves  than  on God.

What we should be afraid of, is what our lives will be like if we don’t let our sins go.  Give your sin to God. Our lives would be so abundant if we put everything we have into following Jesus.  Instead, many of us, put everything we have into justifying our sinful behavior, no matter the degree.

I think we have to look at where that gets us, what good is that doing in our lives.  Hanging onto sinful behavior may feel good for you, it may be “instant” gratification, it may be comfortable, but I can promise you in the eyes of God, it’s not  truly good for you.  He has so much more in store for you that blows away any instant gratification you could imagine.

After I read these verses in Matthew I read my Study Bible notes and this is what it says about verses 11:16-19.  “Too often we justify our inconsistencies because listening to God may require us to change the way we live”.

Amen!  It WILL require us to change the way we live, but in doing so we gain so much more.


I do have an excuse for not blogging in a while.  To put it simply.  Changes.  I know I mentioned in an earlier post that I have gone back to work full-time, my husband has a new job that requires him to travel and at the time, our house was under contract.  That was in September.  Since then we sold our house, moved into a new house, and my daughter started a new school.  Life has changed a bit….but one thing always stays the same.  Our trust and reliance on God. 

We’ve had quite the ride the past two years, but through it all we continued to trust God.  With our decisions, with our money and with our fears, doubts and questions.  No matter what life brings or throws at me, I know God is the only place I can go to find peace. 

So when things get crazy and unstable and you do not know what is around the corner, just quiet yourself before God.  Read His Word, listen to what He has to say, and lift all your worries to Him.  Every time I do that, I feel so much better.  I feel as if He just reaches down and wraps His arms around me and gives me a big hug.  I feel like He is taking care of me and He is with me at all times.  He is my constant.

I notice when I start to feel otherwise, it’s my fault for drifting away from Him, not the other way around.  God is ALWAYS there for us.  No matter what changes you go through, God never changes.  He is your constant.