He Chose The Nails by Max Lucado


I just recently finished my Thomas Nelson complimentary copy of “He Chose the Nails” by Max Lucado.  (I am part of their blogger group called BookSneeze).  Anyway,  I love the way Max Lucado writes.  His books are so easy to read and they make me laugh and they make me think.  This one was no different.

It’s a wonderful book that tells the story of what Jesus did for me and for you and for everyone else.  He chose the nails.  He chose to die on a cross so that we could be forgiven and so that we could have a relationship with God.  A close and loving relationship with our creator.  

He dedicates this book to Jesus.  I love it.  In the front of the book where most authors dedicate the book to their wife, or their mother, or the children, Lucado has dedicated this book to “To Jesus Christ, Because you chose the nails”.  

The entire book is written to help you grasp and truly understand how much Jesus loves us. He tells some funny and entertaining personal stories along the way, but makes his points beautifully.  This would be a great book to read with your family right before Easter.  He even has a Study Guide in the back of the book.

This book is about redemption and understanding that no matter what you’ve done, Jesus died on the cross so that you are now forgiven (if you accept this gift and follow Him). It’s about using your mistakes, your tragedies and your struggles for good.  And it ends with a chapter titled “What Will You Leave at the Cross?”  

We are reminded that we can let go of past hurts, regrets and guilt and leave it all at the Cross where Jesus always intended us to leave it.  

I would highly suggest reading this wonderfully written book as a reminder of Jesus’ love for you.



“Fearless” by Max Lucado

I just finished reading “Fearless” by Max Lucado. I loved it.

What a great word. Fearless. If only we all were…….fearless. This book is another wonderful, well-written book by Max Lucado. I’ve read about 4-5 of his books and this one is my favorite. It probably helps that this is such a great subject, one that most of us are struggling with on a daily, even hourly basis right now. God has great timing.

Max’s style of writing is so easy to read. He gives so many good analogies, stories, and quotes to support his points. He also becomes very transparent at times, which only makes him more relatable. In this book, we are reminded over and over, that if we just focus on God, our fears will subside. We were never intended to have fear.

I will be ordering a few extra copies of this book to give to friends and family. It is a great book with excellent scriptures to drive home what God wants us to remember. Max allowed God to speak so eloquently through him in this book.

Everyone should read this book….do not let fear hold you back from the life God intended for you to live!