Worth It All

God has really been pressing into my heart lately.  I feel him stirring my desires for something big.  Something big for Him. I feel like He is preparing me for something that He is going to ask me to do, and He knows me so well, that He knows I’ll be scared.

He is putting all of these people, and writers, and singers, and pastors, and books, and verses in my path to speak His truth to my heart to push me into a place where I’m able to accept His call for my life.

I know He is asking me to step out on that limb, the one I’ve been so scared to step out on, but I HAVE to live my life for Him.  There is no other choice.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Him lately, a lot of much needed catch up time.  It’s so tender and gentle, yet encouraging and incredibly convicting.  I know I have to obey, so why don’t I?  Every. Single. Day.  Why?

Jesus is speaking to me in so many different ways right now, and I know I just need to trust Him, and obey Him.  That’s it.  He’s got the rest.  It’s never up to me, and it never will be.

In light of all of this, a friend posted this song on Facebook tonight and it really touched my heart.  Jesus wanted me to hear it tonight, because after all…He IS worth it all.