I’m Thankful for Our Kids

Today is once again Thankful Thursday.  I think it’s so important to remember to be thankful.  I know we shouldn’t have to remind ourselves to be thankful.  But I think it’s necessary.  I believe we should wake up every single day and start the day by telling God all the things we are thankful for.  I, myself, do not always remember to do that.  But that is my goal. 

I’m going to try my best to remember to say thanks to God for everything I’m thankful for, the minute I open my eyes in the morning.  Another idea is to start a Journal of Thanks.  And just fill it each day with all the things you are thankful for.

Today (and really everyday) I’m thankful for our kids.  My daughter is about to turn 7 and is in first grade, and my step son is 12 and is in 6th grade this year.  It is his first year in middle school.  Which of course brings a lot of changes.

They are great kids.  They have good hearts and are learning a lot about the Bible ,and how to have a relationship with God.  We try to teach them about God as much as we can, and how to apply it to their day-to-day life. 

Being a parent is one of the greatest and hardest roles all wrapped into one.  Raising children can be extremely challenging at times.  Sometimes more than others.  And you just hope you are doing the right thing.  But it can also be such a joy when you see them make the right decisions.  When they tell you they read something in the Bible, or that they helped out a friend, or they want to join a Bible study, or they helped out at school, or they want to give their allowance money to people who need it more…….you just feel so proud of these human beings you are responsible for.  As they get older I know we will have many more challenging times, but just as many, if not more,  joyous and proud times.

It’s the hard things in life that bring so much joy.  The relationships we put the most investment in ,and work at the hardest, are the most rewarding. 

So, today I am thankful that God gave me the opportunity to have two children in this lifetime.   Those two kids are a gift that I will forever cherish.   I take my role as a mother very seriously, yet I want to have a lot of fun in the process.  I want my kids to know the truth about God, to have a loving relationship with God, and to know they have parents that love them and want the best for them.  I also want them to remember how much we laughed together.

Thank you Lord for trusting me with these kids.  I won’t let you down.

Leading Our Kids

Something I often think about is how well I’m doing at raising our children as Christians.  I am a fairly new Christian myself (5 years), and I’m still learning new things everyday.  But I do know that the most important thing we can give our kids, and equip them with, is to teach them how to have a relationship with God.  And I believe the best way to do that is to read the Bible, pray, and listen for what God is telling you, everyday.

Although that seems simple enough, sometimes it’s very difficult to find the best ways to teach this on a consistent basis.  How do we fit it in naturally, and make it become part of our life on a daily basis?  For some people this may come easy, but for me….it’s something I’m always working on.  I always want to find new ways to share God with my kids.

I have a great little book of devotions called “Leading Your Kids to Christ”.  It has 30 different devotions preparing you for this role.  Here are a few points I have taken from this book (and others) that I try to apply to my own life as a parent.

  1. Ask God to guide your steps and to give you wisdom.
  2. Pray for your children everyday.
  3. Be proactive.  Talk to them about tough issues early and often.  Tell them the truth and keep open communication as much as possible and even more so the older they get.  This is so important!!
  4. Put God first in your family and be a good example.  Live your faith.
  5. Show your love for them constantly and truly listen to them.
  6. Do not be afraid to discipline and be firm when needed. Kids need clear and concise boundaries with consistency. 
  7. Watch your words.  Your child listens to everything you tell them (whether you think they do or not.)   Be sure to give them positive praise when needed.
  8. Emphasis the importance of worship and fellowship.  Attend church with them weekly, and encourage them to get involved in age appropriate activities.
  9. Study God’s Word with your child.  Maybe read a chapter in the Bible each night before bed (that’s what we have started doing).  We also read a daily devotion at dinnertime on nights that we have both of our kids with us.
  10. Let them serve with you at church or within your community.  This is a great experience for them, and an even better example.
  11. Spend quality time with your children every single day that you can.  They need you!  Children spell love, T-I-M-E.

It is my goal to make sure I’m doing all of these things all of the time.  I know these are the most important things I can do for my kids.