The Cross

It all comes down the cross doesn’t it?  That is where we gained freedom, forgiveness and life! 

At church on Sunday our pastor gave us an acrostic using the word “Cross”.  I wanted to share it with you because I love it and it is a great reminder of what we need to focus on:

C – Confess.  Confess your sins (by name) to God.  Being specific about your sins helps you to really look at yourself and helps you to turn away from these sins.  If you just pray for a general forgiveness for all of your “sins”, then your sins are being swept under the rug in one big lump.   Take time to name them and be accountable for them to God.   He will help you turn from them if you are willing.

R – Repent.  Repent means to turn away from your sin, and turn towards God.

O – Obey.  We need to listen to what God and the Holy Spirit are telling us on a daily (even hourly) basis and obey.  It is ONLY for our own good.  Always.

S – Submit.  This one is a hard one.  It’s hard to give everything to God, but once you do you will ask yourself what you were waiting for?  It’s so hard to let go and give it all to God, but I promise that when you do you will gain so much peace in your life.  Having faith and trusting God are two things he is just waiting for you to do…..He’ll take care of the rest.  You just need a willing heart to give it all  to him, that’s it.

S – Share.  We are all called to share the story of God, and to let others know the good news about Christ dying for our sins.  It’s silly to think we wouldn’t want to share with others that we are “new creations in Christ”.  That we are all forgiven.   Find ways to share your faith, from being a good example to inviting others to church with you.  Ask God to use you for his glory, and believe me  He will.