God Provides

I’m continually amazed with God and how He provides for us. One day I’ll have to write out our saga with money and how God has saved us so many times. The secret is to just trust Him. That’s it.

That’s what Brian and I have done over and over. We have gone through some times where we could’ve been really depressed, or gripped with fear. It could’ve made us fight and created tension between us. However, we refused for that to happen. We were determined to continue to trust God with everything we had and to continue tithing, just like He says to do. We have tested Him like he instructs us to do in the book of Malachi, and ever time, He has come through.

Whenever we need to pay something big, he comes through with money we weren’t expecting. I’m encouraging you to let go of fear and trust God with any money issue you have. Trust Him and continue to obey Him and tithe. You will be amazed, I promise.


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