Getting Out Of Our Comfort Zone

I want to get uncomfortable and get out of my comfort zone.  I know I’ve talked about this before on this blog….but this topic stood out to me yesterday during the sermon at our church. 

We need to not only be okay with being uncomfortable, but I believe we should be searching for opportunities that make us squirm in our seats, fidget and want to turn and run.  Opportunities only God can turn around and use for good. 

Those times when you feel so led and so scared at the same time….THOSE are the opportunities God wants you to pursue and not because you can handle them alone, but because you can handle them with Him.  And when you choose to obey God and go down those scary, unknown paths….it is then that He knows how much you truly trust Him.

In my experience, when I show Him how much I trust Him, he turns around and shows me why.  Every single time.

If you aren’t uncomfortable right now in some way, or if you are not feeling a bit out of your element or stretched ….ask God where He wants you to focus.  Where He needs you and where He wants you.  Odds are, He is waiting on you to trust Him.  Don’t worry….what is scary and intimidating to you, is nothing to God.  He can handle anything and everything…if you let Him.


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