Your Ministry Comes From Your Misery

I remember the first time I heard this phrase, “Your Ministry Comes From Your Misery”.  It just stuck with me.  How perfect, I thought.  Here I had been trying to forget my misery.  To stuff it down somewhere that no one would see it.  Somehwere I wouldn’t see it.  God had other plans. 

He wants me to accept my past misery and use it as my present ministry.  Isn’t he clever.  Actually He’s amazing because He is taking the one thing that I used to hate to tell anyone about and laying on my heart to share it more and more.

The fear I used to feel when I would broach the subject is being replaced with grace and humility.  I’m not as fearful of what people will think of me, I’m more interested in how God and I can use it together to help others. 

A fear of judgement is slowly being replaced with a strong desire to help others heal.  If my speaking out and talking about my misery can be a good thing, then I will be a living example of  this saying.   My minstry truly will come from my deepest misery.

Do not fear the darkness in your life.  Trust that God WILL use it for good, if you let Him.


3 thoughts on “Your Ministry Comes From Your Misery

  1. Love this, love this, love this. It is scary isn’t it? But He’s so worth it. And you will be blessed beyond measure as you see His plans for your story.

  2. Michelle, so proud of you for being willing to share your story. Just came back from an emotional night at Celebrate Recovery where one of my favorite people shared her story. A story of her messes and her misery and God’s wonderful healing in her life.


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