Things My Husband Has Taught Me

I love my husband. I guess that’s an obvious and pretty predictable statement, but I do.  I really do.  A lot.  

I love him for many reasons, but today I am so thankful for the things he has taught me and continues to teach  me every day.

He is so patient with me.  I mean, I can be a handful at times.  For many people who know me, that might come as a surprise (hopefully), but I promise if you asked him he would agree with me.  I just get a little “ramped up” about certain things at times.  (that’s a nice way to put it).  Here are some of the things he has taught me.

1.  Patience.   It’s funny because he doesn’t think he has much patience, but he does.  He has taught me (as early as this morning) to just be patient with certain things and to not let them get to me. 

2.  It’s Okay To Ask.  I continue to learn from him that it’s okay to ask people for help.  I’ve never been good at that.  I was taught to be independent and self-sufficient.  I take that to an extreme and tend to try to do everything myself.  Well, you can imagine how that goes sometimes. 

3.  It’s No Big Deal.  He is always helping me realize that most things that I might think are a big deal, are indeed not.  Nothing is really worth getting stressed or uptight about.  That is such a good lesson for me.  I am pretty laid back most of the time, but when it comes to certain things that involve other people I tend to get a little “ramped up” as I stated before.  For instance if we are having people over I tend to get a little OCD and think everything has to be perfect.  He has taught me that its way more important to have people in our home and way less important if there is a little dirt on the floor when they do.  What a relief.

4.   Don’t Be Afraid.  He has encouraged me to step out of my “shell” and try things and to do things I would never have done otherwise.  He’s gotten a lot of push back  in the process. Sorry honey.  But I’m so thankful for it.  For example, I love to sing, but I had never done it in front of anyone before I met my husband.  I sang in front of him and he encouraged me to sing in front of others, so I did, and that led to singing in front of more people.  Wow, it was so much fun.  He pushes me, but I need that.  We all need that.

5.  Acceptance.    He has taught me that I have no reason to feel guilty or ashamed about my past.  He has been so accepting of me as is and encourages me constantly that God will use my past as my ministry to other women.  He accepts me for who I am today and for everything in my past that has brought me to this place.

Thank you honey for all that you have taught me so far and continue to teach me daily.  I’m so glad God brought you into my life.  He knew I was stubborn enough to need the love of a wonderful Christian man to get me out of my shell and to calm me down all at once.  You bring out the best in me, and for that, I am grateful.


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