Planning for 2011

Tonight my husband and I are going to have a “meeting”.  We are going to talk about our plans and our goals for 2011.  This was my husband’s idea and I love it!  He told me my homework for today was to write down my 10 personal goals for this year and 10 goals I have for our family.  The family goals could include family together time goals, financial goals, spiritual goals for all of us, etc.  I’m excited.  I’ll be working on this today.

I love lists, so this is right up my ally.  But more importantly, I LOVE planning with my husband.  I love when we  get on the same page about the big stuff.  We have a feeling this year is going to be great!   It’s been very interesting the past few years and we have learned so much from God.  We know that He has more in store for us and there are more lessons to be learned.  We’re excited.

To be clear, these are not resolutions necessarily, this is just us putting together our goals, deciding what we, as a married couple, want to focus on this year, and then making a plan to do just that.  I can’t wait.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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