Don’t Follow Your Heart, Follow God!

I recently found this video on YouTube when I was searching for a way to understand better where God is leading me in my own life.  It’s a very simple and basic video by Joshua Anderson.  The way Joshua explains this topic and bases it on verses is great.  He has a good way of helping you understand the difference between following your own (sinful) heart and following God.  There is a big difference and the phrase “follow your heart” is a worldly phrase, not a Biblical phrase.  God warns us in the Bible to NOT follow our own hearts, because our own hearts will lead us astray.  We are to guide our hearts to GOD!  We are to ask the Holy Spirit to help us follow God, not our own thoughts and desires.  Following God is where we will find ultimate joy and peace.  We will never find it following our own hearts.

Take a look at the video…


One thought on “Don’t Follow Your Heart, Follow God!

  1. This is an amazing video…I am going to listen to this again! What a great young teacher this is! Thank you for sharing.

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