We are commanded to rest.  Even God rested on the 7th day.  Now, granted He worked miracles for those first 6 days, but even He needed rest on the 7th day.  We all need it.  We need it daily (at night), weekly (on Sundays) and once a year for a few days.  I just took a few days “off” and rested.  I traveled along with my husband on a business trip.  He was pretty busy with a conference and with work, but I was able to really relax.  I had no agendas, no to-do’s, no schedules, no laundry, no meals to cook, no dogs to walk, and no kids to care for.   Of course I missed the kids and pets, but nonetheless it was really nice to just relax and not have anything really to be concerned with for a few days.  What a gift!

I am so thankful that I was able to spend this time resting.  It gave me a lot of time to clear my mind and think about things I never really have time to think about.  I’ve set some personal goals and I talked to God a lot about what He has in store for me.  I’m going to work on the “next things” that I think need to be accomplished and go from there.

I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to go.  I have a big week next week.  I am volunteering at VBS at our church and I will be in charge of some 2nd graders (which is the area where my daughter will be).  It will be fun, but I’ll be able to handle it so much better now that I have had rest!

Please take time to make sure you are getting enough rest in your life.  Relaxing and resting is so important! 

1.  Daily.  Be sure to rest enough each day and have time to yourself.
2.  Weekly.  Try to finish all your to-do’s during the week and on Saturday.  Save Sunday for some rest and relaxation with your family.  (and of course worship)
3.  Yearly (or more if possible).  Plan some down time for at least 4-5 days.  Try to plan a trip somewhere.  It does not have to be far away or expensive.  Just somewhere that takes you away from your regular busy life and forces you to rest!

You will feel so much better and be so much more productive.  Remember, if God rested then I think it’s safe to assume we need rest even more!


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