Thankful Thursday

In honor of Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for something a little different today.  I have really been wanting to get healthier lately.  I recently had my check-up and my cholesterol was a little bit over what it should be.  Not a huge deal, but I was surprised because I’ve never had anything like that before.  Also, my scale recently showed me a number that I’ve never seen before.  Yikes!  So…I’m really trying to become healthier in what I choose to eat.  I’m incorporating more fruits and vegetables, and glasses of water, etc.  I’m also watching the cholesterol and fat content of what I eat as well as trying to exercise daily.

So what am I thankful for?  I’m thankful for the fact that the only thing between me and a healthy lifestyle is myself.  That’s it.  I can do this all on my own.  I do not have to join a health club, because I can walk and run in my neighborhood.  I do not have to pay anybody for their advice, because I know what needs to be done.  I do not have to wait for anything at all.  I do not have to save up money, hope for the best or even leave it up to God.  I am definitely asking Him for His help, but ultimately it’s all within my own abilities.

I’m thankful that I have all the resources available to me to make healthy changes to my lifestyle for good.   Most importantly I have the freedom and the will to do it.

I recently added an app to my phone that helps me keep track of where I am each day.  You can input all of your meals and it helps you with the calorie content.  You can also track how many glasses of water you have had and your exercise for the day.  It has weight loss plans that help you personalize how many calories to eat each day to lose the weight you want to lose.  I love it.  It also gives you your totals for the day.  For instance it lists out how much fiber you had total for the day, how much cholesterol, etc.  It also gives you that information individually by food.  It’s pretty helpful and all I have to do is make good choices and keep track of them.

Here is the website where you can check out the internet version:


I feel good and I’m so thankful for the temple God has given me and that it is my choice to take care of it.  All I have to do is choose to do so.


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