Reading the Bible – The Entire Thing!

I finally finished reading the Bible all the way through yesterday.  Front to back.   It has taken me a long time because there have been many stops and detours along the way, but I finally did it!  The REV90 challenge at my church really helped me a lot.  They gave us daily reading for the New Testament which started Jan. 1st.  It really kept me on track and it worked out to be perfect timing because I finished the Old Testament in December (nevermind that I had started the Old Testament 4 years prior)   Both my husband and I did the challenge together and it was great because we could discuss the verses we read for the day.

I think we are now going to read the Old Testament and we’ll use a reading guide from  Maybe then we’ll just keep reading it over and over.  That’s really what I want to do because I know each time I do I’ll get something new out of it.  If you haven’t read the Bible from front to back I would encourage you to do so.  It’s the most important book you’ll ever read!


One thought on “Reading the Bible – The Entire Thing!

  1. Congrats! Yes, I think it’s great to always be reading through the Bible–I like to do it chronologically, but any system is good. And, it’s fine that there are stops and detours along the way. But when you have a plan, there’s always an assignment and you don’t have to think, “What should I read today?” And, whatever chapter and verse you’re on, God knows and will use it TODAY!

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