Louie Giglio

God’s been at it again…trying to get my attention.  About 3 months ago a Bible Study leader told me about Louie Giglio and she was adamant that I watch a video of him speaking.  I didn’t.  Then about a month later she went on and on again.  I wrote his name down, but still did not get around to watching it.  Then about two weeks ago my husband watched the very video I was told about at his Men’s Group meeting.  He told me about it and I said “Oh yes, I was told I needed to watch that”.   I still didn’t watch it.  Then my husband sent me the link to a streaming video I could watch on-line, still I did not.  Yesterday the Holy Spirit put in my brain that I MUST watch this video!  God was getting impatient with me and now I see why.  WOW!!!  That is all I can say.  This video is amazing and I am now mad at myself for waiting so long to watch it.  Do not be like me, take some time now to watch this video.  It’s about 40 minutes long, but so worth it.  I teared up at the end, it’s incredible!

Click Here to Watch the Louie Giglio “How Great Is Our God” video.


One thought on “Louie Giglio

  1. I didn’t watch the whole thing but I’m pretty sure it was the same message he gave at a Chris Tomlin concert I went to a few years ago. I remember thinking it was great, and the concert was as well.

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