Spring Break

This week was Spring Break for our kids (which is why I haven’t posted much).  We’ve been busy with playdates, sleepovers, park visits, ice cream eating and much more.  We’ve been lucky to have some really pretty weather, and only two days of rain, today being one of those days.  Yesterday was sunny and 70 all day and today is high of 45 and it’s cloudy and windy.  What a difference!  That is Spring in Texas for you.  You never quite know what each day will bring.  You have to dress in layers and hope for the best.

This week was also the SXSW music and film festival that happens in Austin every year during Spring Break.  It’s a big deal in the music industry and my husband, Brian, loves to go to it.  We just strolled the streets of downtown in the beautiful weather and took in some new music.  It’s nice to have something come to your city and you do not have to go anywhere, you just have to endure the traffic it brings.

Next week I’ll be back to a regular schedule and regular posting.  I’ve been very thankful for sleeping in a little and getting to spend some time outdoors with my family.  I feel very lucky!  I hope those of you that are also enjoying Spring Break have had a great week!


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