What Now?

That was the theme of the sermon yesterday at church.  What now?  Our pastor, Mac Richard, took time out of our current series “Can You Hear Me Now?” to give us an update on what has been going on with our church, and where we are going.  He told us about all the wonderful missions that are going on in Mexico and recently in Africa.   He told us about all the great things that have happened since January 1st of this year, including many people accepting Christ and a good portion of those being baptized.   He talked about how many meals we have served through Mobile Loaves &  Fishes and many other blessings God has provided for our church.   He inspired us to keep following God’s lead everyday and not to get comfortable where we are.  We should always be growing and searching for ways we can further God’s kingdom.

Really listen to where God is leading you and if it seem scary or too big, just know that if God is leading you there you have no reason to be afraid!  Go for it, and don’t stop.

From time to time I think it’s important to look back at all that God has accomplished in your life.  It will amaze you.   When we go to Him, rely on Him, and trust Him with everything we have, He always delivers.  Try it. I promise you will be amazed.

Just keep asking God “What Now?” and follow his lead.


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