Starting Fresh

It is always a great feeling to start over, or start fresh, or even begin something new.  That is where my husband and I feel we are right now.  He starts a new job tomorrow, a great job, and we are SO thankful to God!  We trusted that He would work things out for our good, and He did.   We worked very hard to not worry and to put all of our trust in Him, and He took care of us.  God is so good! 

We have grown so much this past year and God has taught both of us some very valuable lessons.  We would not change a thing.  I’m so thankful for every lesson learned and for every single blessing granted.  We begin this year with grateful hearts and open minds.  

My faith has strengthened tremendously and I will never again doubt trusting in God and what He can do.  

My husband and I are beginning a new chapter in our lives and I could not be more excited and ready to follow God’s lead and trust Him every step along the way.  It’s a really good feeling and a relief to know you are not in control.  

This week we are creating an entirely new budget and spending plan.  We will also be beginning our debt repayment plan.  Our goal is to pay off all of our debt by next year, and start saving as much as we can.

To start our plan I am using the Monthly Income and Expenses sheet from Crown.  Our church gave us this link in one of our REV90 daily emails.   It’s a great place to start.

I’ll be sharing some other debt reduction tips and saving ideas I find along the way, but this year is all about being grateful for what God has blessed us with and taking care of those blessings.  We will be good stewards of our time and money.   My husband and I begin 2010 with a new mindset and a strengthened trust in God!


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