Frugal TV Watching

Recently I read this post on the website Bible Money Matters called “Ways to Watch TV Without Paying an Arm and a Leg for Cable or Satellite“.  I sent it to my husband and he took care of the rest.  He is my IT Director.  He handles all of our electronic, computer and media issues. 

First we cancelled cable and our 50,000 channels (not really but it seemed that way sometimes) and we bought a digital antennae.  We can watch certain cable shows via our son’s XBOX, which is pretty cool.  We haven’t really used that too much, but we know it’s there if we want to.  Basically we get 4 stations now.  So, we can watch big games when they are on one of the major stations and we can watch the news if needed, and of course American Idol, our favorite.   We can no longer record shows or watch any more cable shows.

I have not missed it one bit.  We do rent more movies, but in general we just watch less TV, which is a good thing!  We spend more time playing games, talking, getting outside and reading.  We know we can watch the important things on TV that we need to see, but we can’t watch the 10 shows we were recording to watch later.  Now we have to watch it when it’s on or we miss it.  We do love Top Chef  which is on a cable station, but I think we can watch it on-line, which works just fine for us.

We are saving $100 a month by doing this.  We needed the savings and we needed the break.   I think it’s a nice change that we now have to come up with other ways to entertain ourselves.  We’ve done good so far.  Read the article and see if there are some changes you could make with your TV watching and or bill.  It’s worth a try.


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