Keeping New Habits

Yesterday at church the sermon was about habits and how we can stay on track.   It was a perfect sermon to teach at New Year’s when we are all making new resolutions and new goals for the year.    The pastor talked about how hard it is sometimes to keep from falling back into old habits, and how if we rely only on ourselves we will be much more likely to lapse into our old ways. 

Here are three ways we can keep from falling back into your old ways:

  1. We must walk in humility.  We must be able to hand over our weaknesses to God for help.  We must be able to say “I can’t do this alone, I need God’s help.”  For many of us that doesn’t come easy, but it is a must if you want to truly overcome habits.
  2. We must think like Jesus.  We must mirror the heart of Jesus and think the way he would think. We must see situations how he would see then.  Think about how he treated money, his body and his spiritual life.  Think of it in a different angle.  
  3. We must get back up on the horse.  If you do indeed fall you must just get back up and try again.  Do NOT give up.  If you fall back to your old ways on one day, start right back with the new habit the next day.  Just keep working at it, never giving up.  Do not think that if you fall back one or two days that you have failed, just start back up. 

I’m working towards my goals for the year and so far I’d say I’ve done pretty good.  I do have to be humble to God every morning, asking Him to help me with my urges to do things my old way.  I am doing good with most of my new goals, but there are a few I keep falling back on….but I’m getting right back on and trying again tomorrow.  I WILL change these habits…..with God’s help.


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