Christmas Traditions

I love coming up with new traditions during the holidays.  They are fun and I want our children to remember our traditions when they are grown.  I think that is what makes the holidays so special.

We cut down our own tree two years in a row, but this year my husband cut down a tree (that my daughter picked out) from right behind our house.  She loved picking it out and she did most of the decorating.  It looks really good (and it was free).  I’m not sure if we will always cut down our own trees, but we will let our kids pick them out.

Yesterday we spent one full day baking cookies.  We will definitely be keeping that as a tradition.  We’ve baked some here and there in the past, but yesterday was a full production.  My daughter and I ate breakfast and then started baking (in our pajamas).  It was fun, she loved icing the sugar cookies and rolling other cookies into some ground almonds.  I think her favorite part was, of course, eating the dough and sampling the cookies as they came out of the oven.  I’m pretty sure we did not get all the recommended daily vitamins and minerals yesterday….but we had a good time.

After we baked we took some plates of cookies over to our neighbors.  We still have a few more deliveries today, including the fire department that is just up the street.  That was my daughter’s idea….to take some to the firemen.  What a great idea.  That will definitely become part of the tradition.

We are also going to bake a cake for Jesus tomorrow.  We will be baking a Red Velvet cake.  Surely that would’ve been Jesus’ favorite kind of cake, right?  🙂

We looked at lights last night (something I love to do) and today we will be going to an evening service at church.  They are starting some of the services today.  My daughter will get to go with us to “big church” which will be fun.  This is her first time, she’s finally old enough.  I LOVE the Christmas Service.  We usually all get a little candle to hold and light, that is my favorite part.

We will spend Christmas Eve with my parents and come home that night so we can wake up at home Christmas morning.   Once we open presents Christmas morning we will be reading the story of Jesus’ birth in the Bible and we will have some cake to celebrate his birth!   We haven’t decided quite yet what we’ll be doing the rest of Christmas Day, but I look forward to creating more traditions and memories. 

Merry Christmas!


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