If you haven’t heard of Smilebox, you should check it out.  I love it. You can create e-cards to send all your friends and family and there are tons of different designs to send (for all different occasions).  You can include 1 picture or up to 10 or so depending on which template you pick.  There are even some scrapbook options where you can create a digital scrapbook with up to 400 pictures.  They have newsletter templates (with pictures) if you send newsletters out at Christmas. 

Once you create your e-card, scrapbook, or slide show you can then email it, add it to your facebook or your blog….as well as save it to a DVD or print it.  I believe you have to pay either monthly or a $39.99 a year charge to save it to a DVD (but then it’s unlimited),  and you can email it for absolutely free (with some ads showing up on your email).  If you do not want ads to show up on your email you can pay a $3.99 one time fee (for that card)   That’s it.  I paid $3.99 because I did not want ads to show up on our Christmas e-card, and I have the option to email it over and over to as many people as I want to.  I can also print it.

I think it’s a great deal and people love getting those.  You can include more than one picture so you don’t have to pick just one and you can add music to it.  You can pick from a few they have defaulted for the design you pick, or you can even upload and add your own music.

It’s pretty cool, and it saves money, paper and time! Check it out…

Here is the website:


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