I recently found this great blog called “Keeper of the Home”.  It is written by a Christian wife and mother (named Stephanie) whose tag line is “naturally inspired living for the Christian homemaker”.  She writes about being a Christian wife and mother and offers healthy alternatives to homemaking.  She has some great tips and a lot of interesting posts.  One that I really enjoyed recently was her post on the burdens we carry that we were never intended to.  That is something I think all of us need to take to heart.  There are many things in life that we do or want to do, that are not necessary to our main goals in life.  We get busy just being busy and we sort of lose track of where we are going and why we are going there.

Don’t get on the “busy” train when you do not need to be.   Then you’ll end up somewhere and someone you do not want to be!  

Read her post here  and take a look at the example of her “Priority List” that she took a picture of.  Her husband came up with this and I love it!  I want to start making one of those on a daily basis, it will be so freeing and will keep me on track.

Try to stay on track with your priorities and do not let yourself get “busy” doing things that do not really matter!


2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Michelle — I went to the post that you linked and love it. I will definitely be forwarding that onto friends and others in my MOMS group. My problem is that I’m not sure if 3 additional lines will be enough! Well, maybe that is a problem in itself. But maybe since I only have 2 kids I get 1 additional line! 🙂

    • I know, it definitely makes you pair down your list of to-do’s, but keeps you focused on the most important ones. It is also a relief when you realize the list that MUST get done is smaller compared to the list that you WANT to get done.

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