MercyMe and Tenth Avenue North

IMG_3969Our church was giving away tickets to the MercyMe concert that was here in Austin on Saturday night.  My husband was able to get two tickets for us free.  I was excited!   I love MercyMe and have not seen them live before.  It was a great show!  Tenth Avenue North opened for them, and they were really good as well.  

There was a great message throughout the night and it spoke directly to me and my husband.   Both bands talked about how God is always with us during our struggles and He uses those struggles to make us into who He intended for us to be, so that we can live out His will for our lives.   We never need to feel like He’s not there because He is…He is always with us.  Tenth Avenue North’s song “Love Is Here” was written to remind people that God is always here with us, and He always loves us!  I love that song.  They also have a song called “Hold My Heart” which has a message about reaching out to God for help.  It’s an inspirational song.

MercyMe has so many great songs, but the two that stuck out the most to me that night were “Bring the Rain” and “Hold Fast“.  My husband and I are going through a bit of rain storm now with jobs and decisions, but we are holding fast to our faith in God.  We know He is with us and can accomplish things we can’t even imagine….

2 thoughts on “MercyMe and Tenth Avenue North

  1. I, too, love Bring the Rain. I’ve been playing it a lot lately because our pastor is preaching on Suffering and Is God Silent? Do I have the boldness to say, “God, bring whatever it takes to make me into the woman you want me to be?”

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