Happy Birthday!

Today is my husband Brian’s birthday, so I wanted to write a blog devoted to him.  First of all, Happy Birthday honey!!  Brian is 2 years younger than me, and for about 2 months out of the year he is actually 3 years younger than me.  He loves this and does not let me forget it.  By the time his birthday comes around I’m just glad he can no longer say he is 3 years younger!

I feel so blessed to be married to this man.  He is such a wonderful husband and father.  He is so good to me and treats me like a queen on a daily basis.  I know I do not always deserve that. 

I’m so proud of him too.  He recently started a very cool website built around helping bands get their music in front of more people.  It’s called Bandzam.  He’s also working on another website that will enable parents to watch their children’s sporting events on-line.  He has some great ideas that he is now putting into action.  He is also writing a book.  A good one.  I can’t wait until he is finished and it is published.  I really am very impressed with his writing skills.  He also has a wonderful editor who happens to be his mother.   He is participating in a program right now that started on Nov. 1st and goes until Nov. 30th.  He has to write 50,000 words during that time.  He is right on track so far.

Today is his day and I hope it is a special one!  

God brought us together over two years ago, and it’s so obvious to us why He did that.  We are much better as a team than we are alone.  My weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa.  I believe that is what makes a marriage work so well.  We also have a commitment to God first, and to each other second, which is the most important characteristic of a good marriage.

Brian is my best friend and I cannot imagine my life without him. I celebrate today because I’m so thankful he was born 37 years ago.  He did take a little too long to find me, but I’m extremely glad he finally did!

I love you honey, Happy Birthday!


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