Envisioning Greater Things

Our pastor just started a new series yesterday entitled “Greater Things”.  He showed us the vision for our church and where he feels God is leading us to go.  He put up on the screen some very cool pictures of what our church and the kids ministry will look like once the project is complete. It is amazing.  It will allow for our children to learn and grow in a bigger setting, but it will also allow for more and more new kids to come in and learn about Christ, maybe for the first time.

Being able to see the vision really motivates you.  We want to help make that vision a reality.  He asked us to pray daily, consider how much we feel led to give over the next 3 years and just to expect greater things.  In our own lives and in the life of our church.

This really got me thinking.  I know I’ve talked about a Life Vision, which I believe in wholeheartedly, but this made it more real.  He not only showed us this great visual, but he gave us daily to-do’s.  He gave us daily prayers to pray for our church, the leaders and the members.  He is asking us to commit to how much we can help out. 

Having a vision is a very important step, but we must make daily to-do’s to get there.  We must see the vision and map out what we think we need to do next to get there.  Now, you may feel like your vision is far-fetched.  You may feel like it’s a bit out of reach, or even a lot out of reach.  You must remember, God can do ALL things.  Not some, not a few, ALL things.  He can perform miracles. 

If you are doing what God is leading you to do and you are doing it for the glory of God.  It can and probably will happen in spite of you.  God has your back. 

You must see those greater things he has planned for your life.  What do you feel led to do?  What do you see in your head when you daydream or imagine your greatest goal?  What things can you do today to help that become a reality?

Every single day do “the next thing” towards those greater things.  Even if you can’t figure out how in the world it will happen.  God is how it will happen.  God knows and that is all you need to believe in.  Trust God.  Period.

At the end of the service yesterday they passed out these green bracelets.  They say “Greater Things” on them.  We are wearing them constantly as reminders of the “Greater Things” we are expecting to happen in our lives. 


Expecting greater things requires greater faith and greater courage.  My husband and I have committed to working hard, focusing on our vision, and trusting God every single day.  We are moving closer to greater things with God right by our sides. Does it get any better than that?


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