Update : 10 Things

It’s been over a week since I took a bunch of items out of my purse and minimized them down to 10 total.  (See previous post on the 10 Item Challenge) It has been great!  My shoulder has been thanking me all week, it feels so much better not lugging a heavy purse around.  And obviously it was unneccessary.

I have not missed one thing that I took out.  I even went to Costco the other day and realized I did not have my Costco card, but they will print out a temporary card for you in minutes if you do not have your card with you.  Problem solved.

I realized now that most of the things I carried, just in case, were not used very often.  It is silly to carry so many items around and rarely use them.  I love this minimizing stuff.  It is very freeing (and more comfortable).

I will continue to keep my purse like this, but now I need a smaller purse.  I will ask Santa for that.

Next…I’m going to work on my car.  I recently cleared out the stuff that I do not use, now I need to go back through and minimize further.  I need to get it to 10 items total.  I love a challenge.

What do you need to minimize?


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