Good Music and Cool Websites

Today I want to pass along some good inspirational music, and a few cool sites I have recently stumbled upon.

Two songs that I really like right now:

“Becoming Who You Are” by Mainstay.  This is a great song with an important message.

I love this song. It’s beautiful and also has a great message:


God’s Daytimer:  This site has daily Bible verses and Bible studies along with other good infromation.  It’s a good site to stop by and check out each day.

Debt Free Adventure:  This site is a Bible-based personal finance think tank.  You can find some great tips for saving money on this site.

Bible Money Matters:  Another great Biblically based financial website with a lot of great information.

Christian Career Tools:  Pretty self explanatory.  It’s a good Biblically based Christian advice site.

Stereo Truth:  This site has good  information on Christian music and news.

Aardvark:  My husband showed me this site.  You can ask any question you need answered and someone will answer it for you.  For instance if you are looking for a good hotel in a certain area you can put in that question and someone in that area, or someone who knows will answer you.  You can also join and put in your information and they will send you questions you may be able to answer for your area. Pretty cool.


4 thoughts on “Good Music and Cool Websites

  1. I went to the Debt Free Adventure site and saw your comment. Kind of crazy. There are some good articles on there. I was thinking about putting a comment about our car and then I saw yours.

  2. We love the song “Born Again” by Third Day, too, especially Jer. He is always listening to it on YouTube. And whenever it comes on the radio, right away the girls say “That’s daddy’s song!” Great song, and kids really remember what they hear!

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