God Loves Me Even Though He Knows My Past

That’s a comforting thought to me.  That God loves me no matter what I do.  He loves me despite the bad choices I have  made in my past.  He knows my entire bio, all of it, and he still loves me and wants a relationship with me. 

If we focus on this fact, it makes all the small disappointments we deal with on a day-to-day basis seem so silly.  Doesn’t it?  If God loves you no matter what happens, then why do we really have any fear?  Is there anything more important than God’s love for us and his pursuit of us?   If we can hang onto this love and the knowledge that He made us so that He could have a relationship with us, then doesn’t that make anything else we may lose or that doesn’t work out for us just pale in comparison? 

So think about the issues you are facing today.  Your worries, your complaints, your struggles….whatever they are, doesn’t it help knowing that none of that could ever separate you from God?  If you are upset or hurt or mad at yourself for decisions you have made recently or in your past….doesn’t it lessen the blow knowing that God still loves you and wants a relationship with you despite those decisions? 

He knows EVERYTHING about us, and he still loves us, wants a relationship with us, and most importantly He has a place for us with Him in heaven, IF we do one simple task.  If we accept Jesus as our Savior.  That is it.  All you have to do is say a prayer telling Jesus that you accept what He did for your sins, and that you want Him to live in your  heart forever.  That you will live for him, and you are grateful for what He has done for you.   That’s it.  It’s real easy, and it’s the ultimate gift from God.

We had a guest pastor at church yesterday and He described this gift from God as the 8th Wonder of the World.  The fact that God loves us no matter what, pursues a relationship with us at all times, and has a place for us in heaven.  We are so undeserving of this, that is the miracle.  The wonder. 

Remind yourself of this often, it definitely puts a new perspective on life.


3 thoughts on “God Loves Me Even Though He Knows My Past

  1. The love of God is the strongest motivator I have ever found. Christ’s example of sacrificial, endearing, and unconditional love brings tears to my eyes almost every time I consider it!

    Praise the Lord Jesus! 🙂

  2. Great post, Michelle. I taught at AWANA last week on John 10:28-29 and Romans 8:38-39, some of the most reassuring verses. Jesus is holding me tightly in his hand; No one can snatch me out of his hand, and nothing is going to come between me and his love for me.

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