Do You Fear Commitment?

Did you get a little nervous with that question? When I hear this question I immediately think of marriage. You hear of so many people (mostly men) who are afraid of committing to marriage. But fear of commitment is a problem in many other areas of our lives.

Our pastor spoke today about this fear of commitment, and it was the second sermon in his “Faith vs. Fear” series. He talked about all the areas of our lives where we need to be committed. Our faith, marriage, parenting, friendships, church, work, and rest. Yes, rest. We even need to be committed to resting. God commands us in the Bible to rest on the Sabbath day. I am not so good at this one, but that is one of my goals.

Fear is what holds us back from committing to most of, if not all, of these areas of our lives. When we are nervous about committing to someone else in marriage, it is based on fear. Most of our fears of commitment come from these questions we ask ourselves:

1. What if I lose or get hurt? (just plain fear)
2. What’s in it for me? (selfishness)
3. What am I missing? (options)
4. What’s my track record? (past experiences)

So pay attention next time you are scared of committing to something you know God is leading you to commit to. We should not base any decisions on fear, selfishness, or our past. We should TRUST God and know that he is constant no matter what. He commands us to commit to those things that are important and without fear. He asks us to trust him and to remember he is ALWAYS there for us no matter what.

So what if you do fail, God is still there and He still loves you. What if you make the wrong decision or you get hurt? God is with you always and will always love you. What if you don’t get what you expected out of something? Maybe you needed to learn something, and guess what? God is still there for you and still loves you.

It’s more important to remember that God is always there for us, He loves us so much that He sent His only son to die for our sins. We need to trust Him and not be so hesitant to jump in. When we feel passionate about something, go for it, and don’t step away from commitment for any of the reasons above.

Commitment is a choice, it is about relationship, its unconditional, and it’s costly. Just as God sent Jesus to die for our sins….that was a choice, it was for His relationship with us, it was 100% for us, and it cost Him Jesus’ life.

Next time you face a commitment, trust God and what He tells us in the Bible, then make your decision. Start with that, and see what happens.


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