“Captivating” by John & Stasi Eldredge

I just finished this book this past week, and I wanted to share my review of it.  I kept reading about this book and decided it was time I read it.  I’m so glad I did.


The subtitle of this book is “Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul”, which is exactly what it does.  This book digs deep into a women’s heart and reveals what we, as women, need most.  To be romanced, and feel loved and to feel captivating!  And as much as we may search for this in the world, it will never satisfy us completely.  Only God’s love for us, and the fact that he finds us captivating can completely satisfy our hearts.  

This book gives many examples of women’s lives who were less than ideal, some of them  even unbelievably sad.  But the hope is that God can redeem all of this, and in God’s eyes we are all beautiful and we are so loved.

It’s a great feeling, knowing God is our #1 fan, and He is!  This book is great for all women, but especially women who have any regrets about their past, who have been hurt in their past, who are alone now, trying to figure life out…etc.  I, like many, do have hurts in my past, and there are definitely things I regret.  But I’ve let them go, I’ve asked God for forgiveness and I’ve asked him to redeem my heart and to fill it with Him.  What a wonderful feeling and this book explains the benefit and the beauty of this process and how it’s there for all of us. 

We can all feel “captivating” to God, our Father, or Creator, and the One who loves us unconditionally.


2 thoughts on ““Captivating” by John & Stasi Eldredge

  1. Captivating is a wonderful book–should be required reading for all Christian women, regardless of age. One can profit from it no matter where she is in life or in her spiritual walk.

  2. I loved this book, too. I think mom gave it to me, and I’ve loaned it to a couple friends as well. Have you read “Wild at Heart”? It’s kind of the guys’ version, but is great for girls to read, too, to understand their husbands better (and if you’re raising boys).

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