Being Me

Do you ever wish you were more like someone else?   Maybe they are more patient than you are, or they speak better than you do, or maybe they cook better than you do.  Man, if we could only be better at whatever it is, and be more like that person. 

But God never intended you to be like anyone else.  He would’ve made you like them if he did.  He has the power to do that.  No, he created you JUST as you are, for a reason.  You have your own list of strengths and talents.  You have a unique personality that he designed just for you.   And he wants you to use all the things he gave you, to glorify Him. 

If you have children, think about your kids for a second.  If they come home from school and say how much they wish they were like so-and-so, doesn’t that make you sad?  You tell them,  “No, honey…you don’t need to be like anyone else, you are so special just the way you are!”  Then you may go onto list for them all the great things about them. You would never want them to want to be someone else.  You want them to be proud of who they are and flourish within their own strengths and abilities, right?    And what if you gave your child one of the best gifts ever, something that others would envy, and once you gave it to them….they just never even picked it up, looked at it, or used it in any way.  Would’nt you be disappointed….?

Well…God feels the same way about us!  Remember, God doesn’ t make mistakes.  He has given you gifts he wants you to USE!  And you are, the way you are ,for a reason.   Find out what it is…

What do yo LOVE to do?  What things are easy for you to do?  What do people tell you that you are good at?  Maybe you should do more of these things.   Maybe give it a try this week, or this month.  Enjoy who you are, and how God made you.  And use all the gifts he gave you!


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